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Frequently asked questions

What is SportShaala Academy?

SportShaala Academy is an international sports academic institute to aid grassroots coaches and aspiring athletes. For aspiring athletes, we provide highly trained and experienced coaches to help foster sport specific fitness. For coaches, we provide modern, structured training programs to help you upskill your coaching skills.

As a coach, do I need any pre-requisites before enrolling in SportShaala programs?

No. Our introductory courses cover all the basic concepts needed to design training program for athletes.

Are the courses offered specific to any sport?

The concepts covered in our foundation courses are general and can be applied to any athletic sport. In the future, we may introduce programs for specific sports.

I am a parent of an athlete, can I participate in the courses?

If as a parent, you are heavily invested and would like to have a more indepth understanding of sports science principles, we highly encourage you to take our introductory courses.

I am an aspiring athlete, with limited access to coaches. How can SportShaala help me?

You can either subscribe to our athlete program, where we provide you well trained sports performance coaches to imporve your sports specific fitness. You can also participate in our courses to better understand the principles and apply it to your training. Please note, however ,that at the moment we may not be able to provide you sports specific coaches.

I would like to support SportShaala academy. How can I help?

If you wish you support an individual athlete, you can hire a performance coach for him or her through SportShaala. If you are from a sports institution, or from the government wanting to upskill existing coaches, you can enroll them in bulk in our diploma course. Please contact +91 8097334915 for more information.

I don't find what I'm looking for. Where can I find more information?

If you do not find relevant information on the website, please contact +91 8097334915 or write to us at

Do you have a discounts for low income coaches and athletes?

We offer need-based scholarships for both athlete programs and coaches' education programs on a case-by-case basis. Please mail us at for more information.

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